Friday, January 21, 2011

It`s Monday, the day Lisa and Katie have to board the flight to Beijing. Katie packed all her stuff and said good bye to her husband Harry. Katie went to Lisa`s house , she found that Lisa has not packed up yet, so she helped Lisa pack up her things. Katie started asking Lisa the real reason why she wants to go to Beijing while helping Lisa packing.Actually Katie knows Lisa bluffed to her. All the packing is over, Lisa asks Katie ' do you really want to come with me?'. Katie answered 'yes'.
The airplane seats were nice and comfortable.Katie and Lisa were sitting beside each other. The class they were travelling was normal but it makes them feel good.Katie and Lisa boarded the flight,time passed by and by. Katie started telling Lisa her story.Katie says 'Lisa i want to tell you what happened in my life, here it goes dear, I was the daughter of a rich merchant. There always used to be one advantage being rich, you get want you want. I used to love travelling to places and meeting new people,even now i love doing that. I had a uncle who seldom used to visit us. My uncle is my mothers brother . My dad used to take us to lot of trips those days. One pretty day a earthquake strike my place. I and my brother survived the quake. My brother all my dad`s property. I used to stay with my brother for sometime. Then one day he married a women.The women did not like me. We usually had lot of quarrels. My brother used to support her and blame me even though fault is on her side. I slowly lost most of my freedom to do anything. One day i decided to run away from home. I ran away from home, with some of the money i saved i boarded on a ship and reached this place.The money i have did not even last for months. I worked in a restaurant as a waitress for 2 years. Then one day i saw Harry. We had conversations every day from that very day. Soon we feel in love with each other and then got married. I love my husband, my husband used to tell about you and your husband. i really felt like helping you all through thats the reason i am coming with you. You know that i did not believe in the story you told me, is that correct'. Hearing this Lisa asked 'why did your brother never traced you?'.Katie replied ' i do not know, i posted some letters to him after few days, i never got a reply. I tried calling him, on hearing my voice he hangs off the telephone'. Lisa says ' i feel your sister in law would have told some story bad about you to your brother, anyway we can not come to any justification. The air plane is in the sky and Lisa was watching out of the window.Lisa was showing and telling Katie about what she can see from the window.They soon became good friends.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

               Things seemed little confused to lisa, she was not able to understand why the old man referred to treasure. some questions came on to her mind . She was not able to understand why her dad has to go on treasure hunt if he already has a lot of money inherited. She was confused about all she heard of her grandfather. She was confused why her dad has to turn into barber when he has a lot of fortune. She wants to know to what percent the old man`s words are true. She unwrapped the letter she took from the old man.There were two sheets of paper. In one of them is a ticket to china for the next Monday. Other is a letter,she opened the letter and read it through. The letter has nothing to do with her grandfather, it was actually from a women named yanshi to lisa. As lisa went through the letter she found that yanshi is her relative. She found out that the letter is written to her father. Lisa was taught little Chinese by her father during her childhood. Now that knowledge is helping her understand a few fragments of the letter. Lisa wanted to go and ask her friends who know perfect Chinese but, she was afraid of letting go the secret. She started getting interested to know what has happened in the life of her father.She told to herself that she is going to china.
             David returned home,Lisa informed him that the old man left. He started asking what the old man told her. Lisa was silent for a moment, then she answered that the old man was here to tell her about her ancestors.She also told David that the old man wants her to go to china and she shows him the ticket she has with her. David was happy to let her go but, he started acting weird by shouting her 'WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO THAT FAR?'.Lisa was determined and made David to accept to her request to go to china.
           David told Niritha the same next day, it was hell of a joy for both of them. David even told harry what his wife has decided to do. Harry told his wife Katie. Katie ran to Lisa`s house on hearing this. Katie rang the bell cling!,cling!.Lisa answered. It was the first time Katie and Lisa saw each other.
Katie says to Lisa 'hi, i am harry`s wife'.Lisa replies 'i know, i saw your wedding pictures'. Katie asked lisa ' Why she wants to go to china',on hearing Lisa`s reply. a long conversation went along between them. After a long debate Katie say`s that 'if it is very important for you to go to china, i am coming with you. I think there should be someone to care of you, u have ill health already'.
        Katie goes home and informs her husband about her trip.Katie wants to help Lisa at least in this way. Katie then tells her husband to make arrangements for her for a ticket to china. David who is still in Harry`s house volunteers to buy the ticket.Money does not seem to be a big problem for David. David always earned a lot and paid less wages.David just wants to get rid of his wife.

Monday, January 17, 2011

                    The old man answered  'dear,are u lisa?'.suprised by the question lisa answered 'yes,how can i help you?'.The old man smiled. The old man then said 'last time i saw you you were a little girl,things really change fast'. lisa exclaimed 'oh,then you must me one of my dad`s old friends, come in and have a seat.' The old man introduced himself as micheal vantos.The old man then said to lisa, 'dear,can i have a cup of coffee'.lisa said ' yeah sure, make yourself at home'.Lisa goes into the kitchen,in the mean time the old man opens the bag he had with him.He unwraps few of his dresses, then some old boxes from the bag.
In a very strong tone,the old man says to david, 'do you really love lisa?'.David answers 'yes, i do love her. The old man then says 'are you ready to do anything for her.'David is surprised and asks why the old man is asking such a question.The old man was observing the tone in david`s voice.
                   Lisa comes out from the kitchen,carrying two coffee`s in a large tray.David and the old man enjoyed the coffee. The old man asks to lisa, 'i heard of your ill health, how are you now?'. Lisa smiles at the old man and answers ' i am fine'.`I have something important for you dear`,the old man says these words with a glow in his eyes. David moves near to the old man and asks 'sir, it is not so important to tell her, tell me instead.The old man replies back 'i will only tell lisa'.Lisa was not able to understand why the old man is so peculiar about telling her.She asked the old man to tell her what is it all about but, the old man said that he wants to tell a story that happened between him and lisa`s father before he reveals the secret.
                   It is 5:30pm in the evening, the old man needs to talk to lisa secretly so they both decided to sit in the balcony and have a chat.In the meantime david leaves the house to talk to niritha. David goes far and sees that Niritha`s husband is at home. David  now goes to harry`s home to collect the days earning after he left. Harry`s wife does not like david, she would like to help lisa but, she is afraid about the disease that lisa had may spread to her. She knows that david is cheating on lisa.She also knows that david does not like lisa and thats the reason he avoids her.She does not know anything about david and lia``s family life.
                In the meantime,the old man started telling the story to lisa.He started,' it was 30 years ago, your dad and myself are good friends.we started our career as archeologists,we worked together in different places. There were 6 other people with us.Together we found great wealths for the government. One day we all found something really worth hiding.We hid a lot of treasure but, the government made no mistake finding it out.All of us left our professions in fear of the government and settled far and wide in this world. Your great grand father was a wealthy man,he own a pretty big fortune in china. Your dad has a zeal to become a archeologist,he ran away from his home to become one.Your grandfather searched a lot for his family.He found me and he is still alive. He wants to meet his  successors before he dies. I came this far to deliver you this letter from your grandfather.I found out about all your wereabouts to deliver this letter.please go to china, your grandfather needs you there.I do not trust your husband, so please go alone.Thanks, for the hospitality, i got to leave to my place.bye take care baby'.The old man packs his things and he goes away.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

            It was 8:30am in the morning,David got ready for work.He started walking along the road. The sky was clear,the traffic was heavy.He just walked towards a lamppost near the signal.Then suddenly a women came near david and said 'hi, how are you today'.David replies, 'i am fine niritha' .Niritha is a beautiful girl with curled hair.she has a very good physic and she is very attractive. Then after that a conversation started between both of them and walked along the pavement till the barber shop.After reaching the barber shop Niritha says to david that  she will meet him at the realmak garden along the church street at 11 am.David went inside the shop and started working as usual,time passed by and by...
           It is 10:30 am now and david had no customers in his shop.He left the shop to  his partner in business and friend Harry.David reached the realmak gardens and he did not find niritha there. He waited and waited till it was noon. Niritha  appeared out of no where and said 'sorry, i was unable to come in time, my husband did not go to his office in the morning, he was preparing for some presentation he has to give at his office today'.The garden really looks great, there are lot of tulips, roses and other flowers all over the garden. The garden is filled with grass and shrubs of various kinds. There are a lot of trees of various kinds in the garden.The church is very near to the garden.There are lot of benches at different corners and areas in the garden.David was sitting on one of the benches, niritha came and sat by his side.They started talking till the time turned 2:00pm in afternoon.David left to his home and so did niritha.
        At 3:00pm in the afternoon david reached home, lisa was waiting for david to come.Lisa asked david 'why are you late again?', .David lied to lisa saying that he has lot of customers on that very day.Lisa believed david, they had lunch together. Then the doorbell rang cling!, cling!..A old man with a white beard and mustache was standing in front of the door.Lisa opened the door and asked the old man 'who are you? ,who have you come for?.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

                         It is still 11:00 am and it is a very dark and dim all over the road ,the sky is full of white clouds which is covering it like a blanket, that makes all under it dark and dim.A tall young man was holding a big bag and walking along the road. He has black eyes and a well built body.He stopped at a shop and bought some stuff and he wraped it carefully and placed it in the bag. The wind started blowing heavily,leaves are all over the road. The man started walking forward towards the end of the road,where his small mansion,not big enough but he is real happy to have it.He went to his home rang the door bell.'cling','cling'.a low and shrill voice asked from inside 'who is it?'. the man answered 'its me dear your husband david, its ok you can open the door'.A women opened the door,she was pretty but she was coughing. She said 'i am sorry dear you know right i am real afraid of new people,they hate me'.she starts crying.david goes near her, hugs her and says  'its ok lisa we are happy enough. i hope god shows mercy on us atleast this christmas'. It started raining , a fire was laid at chimney by using a match stick.
                         The rain got down, it was 4:30 pm, the roads are filled with water ,as there were a lot of pits across the road.Lisa saw the bag laid on the table,she asked her husband 'what is inside it' and started to to open the bag out of enthusiasm.Her husband got angry and shouted,'STOP IT'.She exclaimed 'what happened' , He said 'don`t dare to touch my bag ever after, i told you many a times not to touch my things'.she answered 'what is it with you today, you were behaving wierd ever since you got home in the morning'.He was in a rage and he maligned her with his words.She started crying and crying like a small baby.He went near her,cleaned her tears and said 'i am sorry darling,there are many things i can`t tell you , please try to understand me,is this what you have learnt from all the years of knowing me,please darling ,please.She stopped crying...She then runs to the kitchen,sits down on a chair and says to herself 'i had bad time from the day i married you '.
                      Lisa was one of the prettiest girls in the college she got in.she was a nerd.She has been dreaming all her life to get into such a college. Her dad was poor little barber,she works at the saloon shop as part time, to get her expenses for the college.A premier institute also sponsors her.she wanted to have a wealthy and smart husband all the time,but a day has come when she has to stop her education,she had no choice.lisa`s dad has to pay a huge debt to a land owner.The saloon shop has been taken as for the amount to be paid.Then lisa started working in a Restaurant,she was a hard worker. There was a guy who used to run back of lisa, but lisa hated him so much that she opted to rather die than marrying him.the guy is a play boy.many other colleague`s told her that `he has played with lives of many women, lisa please be careful'.Then suddenly one day lisa was forcibly married to david. At the beginning they hated each other but as time went they fell in love with one other. David was a barber himself and was of lisa`s dad.Lisa`s dad died of heart attack, his last wish was their marriage.
                    David was a nice man.he always hoped that he went to school but,he never did.He had a lot of  problems at home.He was forced by fate to take business at very young age,he was quiet a bit successful for sometime in his life.As he grew up the problems with him also grew up.He was happy to marry lisa.He accidentally met sam, the guy who ran back of lisa lately.He told david all stories about his and lisa`s relationship.Ever since then david`s mind was filled with doubts and questions.He neither has enough guts to talk to his wife about this or he has enough patience to listen to somebody else.